Q:  Are you open to custom work?

Yes, I am! Please fill out the contact form with your inquiry. There are limits to my powers, but I do my best to accommodate all requests.


Q: Are you open to International Orders?

Yes! I send many items overseas. We can arrange any shipping need over Etsy, and I can take direct credit card orders through there.


Q: Do you have a phone number?

I do not have a number available to give out to customers. I will on occasion based on your needs, but i only have a personal line.


Q: Are you open to bulk orders?

Yes and No. I am open to inquiries, however based on the situation, I may not do them. Remember everything I make is by hand, so I can't always fulfill large requests.


Q: How do I learn to do this stuff?

Lots of practice and trial and error. There are a thousand tutorials on YouTube, Pinterest and ones you can purchase on Etsy. I will be introducing video tutorials and guides, so keep your eye out for those.


Q: Can you link my Website/Store/Instagram on your webpage?

All people on my Tid-Bit page are individuals I have a personal or professional relationship with.